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Miyajima Ropeway  Mt.Misen Summit.Map


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Miyajima Ropeway Mt.Misen Summit.Map

How to use the appApplication download QR codeDownload the appand start using it.On the app’s TOP screen,tap “Misen Observatory AR.”Download fromApp StoreDownload fromGoogle PlayMisen observatory renovated on Dec. 6, 2013Marker image *ExampleLet’s playwith ARCharacters appearand start moving!Note that some smartphone models are not compatible and cannot show the celebrate the opening of the renovated?? ?Take photoswith them!A huge “Heart-in-Momiji” andother comic charactersappear on Mt. Misen!!AR (Augmented Reality) displayed with smartphonesWhen you download the Miyajima Ropeway original application and start using it, 3D characterswill appear at certain designated places!!Outside of theMiyajima Ropeway Shishiiwa StationIn the vicinity ofthe Misen observatorySpot 1 Open space in front of theMiyajima Ropeway Shishiiwa StationSpot 2 Shishiiwa observatorySpot 1 Open space at the summit ofMt. MisenSpot 2 Misen observatory lookoutLocations where the characters will appearPrice (900 yen + tax)Kiyora?kanaruMiyajimaNow on sale at main bookstores!Miyajima’s f irstlove comic has arrived.After the camera screen is displayed, hold yoursmartphone over the photo of the Misen observatory atthe upper part of the AR flyer or over the cover of the“Kiyorakanaru Miyajima” comic. Then ...Hold your smartphone over the marker.When you first hold your smartphone over the marker,only one character will appear. Each time you find a newcharacter on Mt. Misen, the number of charactersappearing around the 3D observatory will increase.How to increase the number of charactersAfter two characters appear on Mt. Misen, hold yoursmartphone over the marker. Then, the “Heart-in-Momiji”button becomes operable.Try and give them a “Heart-in-Momiji”!Here