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Miyajima Ropeway  Mt.Misen Summit.Map


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Miyajima Ropeway Mt.Misen Summit.Map

Miyajima, Mt. Misen, the Celestial Site.A number of miracle spots beyondItsukushimajinja Shrine.A spiritual eternal-flame has been keptburning for about 1200 years sinceKobo Daishi lit it as a part of hisspiritual traning.This strange hollow rock's water levelchanges according to the come and goof the tide.Ⅰ Kiezu-no-hi (The eternal flame)Ⅱ Kanman-iwa rock (Ebb-and-flow rock)Ⅲ Shakujo-no-ume (Plum of crosier)The gigantic handwriting of Kobo Daishiengraved on a bedrock face equivalent insize to a couple dozen tatami mats.Ⅳ Mandara-iwa rock*A mysterious sound of clappers comes fromthe midnight darkness. Some say Tengu (along-nosed goblin) dose it.Ⅴ Sound of wooden clappersOn a fine day, this cherry tree alone remainswet-seemingly caught in a rain.Ⅵ Shigure-zakura (Showered cherry blossoms)*The great cedar from which mysterious lightson the sea can be seen-these lights appearoff the coast of Miyajima and are seen mostclearly on the night of the lunar New Year.Ⅶ Ryuto-no-sugi (Sea-fire Japan cedar)*The crosier that KoboDaishi rested in is saidto have made roots andchanged into a bigJapanese Ume apricottree. The f lower neverblooms if there is anominous sign in legend.Misen's The miraculous area around "Misen" is repletewith wonders. The seven wonders which havelived on through ancient tales are introduced here.Things with asterisks(*) may not be accessible today due to dangerous conditions or tree trimming.Certif icate of Excellence2016.6Mt. Misen summit. MapMiyajima