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Miyajima Ropeway  Mt.Misen Summit.Map


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Miyajima Ropeway Mt.Misen Summit.Map

Gojunoto(Five-Storied Pagoda)Toyokuni Shrine(Senjokaku)Itsukushimajinja ShrineKiyomorijinja ShrineMiyajima Rekishi Minzoku Shiryokan(Museum of History and Folklore)ShrineOmotojinjaDaishoin TempleMiyajima Pier(Ferry Terminal)Itsukushima Treasure MuseumMiyajima AquariumA great panorama of the Seto Inland Seaspreading out below!The Miyajima Ropeway operates two types of aerial rope systems,circulating and funicular in series, which is rare and unique in Japan.As if walking in the sky, you can enjoy the glorious views of the SetoInland Sea and the primeval forest of Miyajima.Let's go to Mt. Misen,the miracle space, by"Miyajima Ropeway"You can enjoy two kinds of gondolas!*Parking is limited to near Momijidani station (next to the port). Visitors are encouraged to come by public transport.3minutes by busFree PickupBus Service!Hiroshima Electric RailwayMiyajima LineMiyajima Matsudai Car FerryJR Miyajima Car Ferry10-minutewalk6-minutewalkMomijidani ParkFree shuttle bus stopMomijidani Park Entrancethe City of Hiroshima Miyajima guchiMiyajima Pier(Ferry Terminal)MiyajimaRopewayMomijidaniStationItsukushimajinjashrineAccess to the Miyajima Ropeway from the City of Hiroshima■The statue of Kobo Daishi : photo of fered by Daishoin Temple.Kukai visited Miyajima on his way back to the city of Kyoto after f inishing themission of envoys. It is said that he performed ''Gumonji'' meditative practice for100 days burning ''Goma-gi''(a Goma f ire ceremony).The holy f lame which he used this time is burning even now after 1200 years ormore, ''Kiezu-no-hi'' as a defense has been handed down.Since it was founded by Kobo Daishi (Kukai) in 806, it has attracted devoted worshippers includingTaira-no-Kiyomori and Ito Hirobumi, there are still traces of their travels and legends here. The naturalenvironment has been kept intact which creates magnif icent scenery. Among the natural beauty, thereare scattered strange rocks in addition to a variety of historical sites. In 1996, it was designated aWorld Cultural Heritage site as ''Misen Virgin Forest together with Itsukushimajinja Shrine''Highest peak in Miyajima 535 metersabove sea level holy mountain "Mt. Misen"Kobo Daishi, the founder of the ShingonSect who founded a temple on Mt. Misen.Free Pickup Busin servicefrom the back ofItsukushimajinjaShrine!Interval is about 20 minutes.Riding time is about 3minutes.