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Miyajima Ropeway  Mt.Misen Summit.Map


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Miyajima Ropeway Mt.Misen Summit.Map

Satellite of Lover's sanctuary The 2nd f loor at Miyajima Ropeway Shishiiwa StationReikado Hall is located about 20 minuteson foot from Shishiiwa Station on theMiyajima Ropeway. The holy f ire thatKobo Daishi lit for his ascetic traininghas been kept burning for over 1,200years in Reikado Hall. The hall has been designated a ''Lover’sSanctuary'' as th e f lame is akin to the eternal f ire of love.Legend holds that a wish will be granted when a person dedicates a votive tablet to the''Reikado Hall'' at least three times.Deepen the bond between you andyour loved ones on Miyajima’s Mt. Misen!The system operates a number of gondolas for asmall number of passengers at f ixed intervals. Thissystem is suited for long-distance transport. TheMomijidani line a 8-seater gondola carriers(max. 22 units) at abou t 1-minute intervals.The system operates two large carriers alternatelybetween the mountainside and summit. It issuited for high-speed transport.The Shishiiwa line runs a 30-seater gondolacarriers at 15-minute intervals (shorter intervalsduring busy hours).Momijidani Line: about 1.1km Shishiiwa Line: about 0.52kmCirculating type Funicular typeTo Shishiiwa Stationfor about one hourthere and backMt. Misen up to the top/about one hourplus there and backRound trip duration from Momijidani StationMomijidani Line (Momijidani-Kayatani)The circulating typeropewayShishiiwa Line (Kayatani-Shishiiwa)The funicular typeropewayRopeway Fares and Hours of Operation■Suspension of Service:Bad weather (strong wind, thunderstorm, etc.) and periodical maintenance in February and July.■Operating hours will be modif ied during Golden Week and Mid-Summer Obon Holidays.■Please access the Miyajima Ropeway website for further information.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12??9:0016:309:0016:3017:00 17:30 17:00?9:0017:00?8:0017:00Final returndepartureOperatinghoursSeasonaladjustment■Adult : 12 years old and over (junior-high school students and older)■Child:6-11 years old (elementary school students)■One child under 6 years old accompanied by a guardian is admitted free of charge. For every additional child, a child fare is applied.*Group rates are available for parties of 25 and over.AdultChildAdultChildOrdinary rateGroup rate*\1,800\900\1,620\800\1,000\500\900\430Classification Round trip One wayTime Required・A Cross-section of the RoutesShishiiwaObservatoryInterval:there is a15 minutesInterval:there is a short interval forapproximately 1 minuteInterval:there is a short interval forapproximately 1 minuteRiding time:the ride takesabout 4 minutesRiding time:the ride takesabout 10 minutesMomijidaniStation (Starting point)KayataniStation (Transfer)ShishiiwaStation (Terminus)A Guide to Miyajima RopewayThe “Fire of Oath” isa monument locatedat Shishiiwa Station(Mountaintop Station)on the MiyajimaRopeway. Pushing thebuttons on the leftand right, together,will light the f ire. Whydon’t you turn to the power of the ''Fire ofOath'' and share your deepest thoughts,held in the bottom of your heart, with yourloved ones?Lover's sanctuary''Reikado Hall''(The Eternal Flame)Heart-in MomijiAlong with the ''Fire ofOath,'' a small bakery islocated up at Shishiiwa Station (MountaintopStation) along the Miyajima Ropeway. There,you can enjoy a hands-on experience makingMomiji Manju Cake with a heart-shapedfilling. Why don’t you and a loved onemake some sweet and tasty ''Heart-inMomiji'' together?■For further information:Miyajima Ropeway Momijidani Park, Miyajima-cho,Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima-ken 739-0522TEL(0829)44-0316URL animals other than seeing-eyedogs and service dogs arepermitted to be carried on theropeway.As the ropeway station is not provided with an elevator, the circulatingtype ropeway cannot accommodate passengers in wheelchairsor baby carriages. We would ask you to leave your wheelchairsor baby carriages at the Momijidani Station ticket o f f ice.To passengerscarrying petsTo passengers with wheelchairsor baby carriagesMomiijjiidanii Sttattiion Shiishiiiiwa Sttattiion''Fire of Oath''*Children under 10 years old are notallowed to participate in this hand-onactivity because of the danger ofgetting burned.