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Miyajima Ropeway  Mt.Misen Summit.Map


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Miyajima Ropeway Mt.Misen Summit.Map

AEDC "Sankido Hall"For household welfareand business prosperityJapan's only temple that worshipsogres. Your prayers for householdwelfare and business prosperitywill be answered."Kiezu-no-hi(The eternal flame)"The miracle of the eternal flame-it has been burning for 1200 years.The holy f ire which Kobo Daishi used as part of his religious training is burningeven now after about 1200 years in Reikado Hall. It is said that the holy waterboiled by this f ire works for all sorts of disease. It wasalso used as the pilot light for the "Flame of Peace" ofHiroshima Peace Memorial park."Kanman-iwa(Ebb-and-flow rock)"Mysterious ebb andflow appearing on amountaintopThe hollow of this strange rock sitting 500 meters above the sea is said to change its waterlevel according to the come and go of the tide. It is one of the seven wonders of Misen.FGIJHMiyajima'sLivingMiracles"Misenhondo Hall"Hall that built on the place of Kobo Daishi(Kukai) trainingIt is said that Kobo Daishi founded the temple and performedthe ''Gumonji'', a secret Buddhist practice for 100 days whenhe stopped over at Miyajima for looking for a sacred place onhis way from Tang. The main deity is Akasagarbha(Kokuzo-Bosatsu) accompanied by Acala and Vaisravanaenshrined on both sides."Munemori's Temple Bell(Bonsho)" Designated asCultural Asset of National ImportanceCasted at furnace in Miyajima!?It is said that "Bonsho" was donated from Taira-no-Munemori, the third son of Taira-no-Kiyomori. Figurationsof a bell striking point and a dragon head decoration show the characteristics of the Heian Period in Japan.Misen's Seven wondersMisen's Seven wondersMysterious Mt. Misen still preservesmagical legends.Lover's sanctuary the''Reikado Hall''B (the eternal flame)Heart-in Momiji Fire of OathThe First Prime Minister of Japan Hirobumi ItoThe view from the summit of Mt. Misen representsthe genuine value of Miyajima, one of the threemost scenic spots of Japan."Shishiiwa Observatory"Great viewpoint of the Setouchi(Seto Inland Sea)dotted islandsThere is an observatory near Shishiiwa Station. That is a great viewpoint area of the Setouchi dotted islands.TheMagnif icentLandscapes"View from the Ropeway" Feeling Like a FlightseeingYou can enjoy marvelous views as if you walk in the sky. The air walk is another attraction of the Misen tour.「The 2nd floor ofShishiiwa StationSatellite of Lover'ssanctuary」With the "Fire of Oath," a monumentto share your thoughts with a lovedone, and the "Heart-in Momiji," asweet to bake together, the area onthe second f loor of the ShishiiwaStation on the Miyajima Ropeway is asplendid date spot on Miyajima Island.Some miracle spots aroundthe Mt. Misen Summit!A lot of historical and natural spots around the Mt. Misen Summit! Youwill also find many things connected with big f igures. More enjoyableand interesting if you make research on them!On a f ine, clear day, this pointcommands views as far of f as theShikoku Mountain Ranges and thedotted island of Seto Inland Sea."Mt. MisenObservatory"A great panoramaof 360°withoutobstructions"Miyamajinja Shrine" Exactly a sky shrine!The same goddesses as those in Itsukushimajinja Shrine are enshrined here. Itsukushima God is said to havedescent from the heaven to this place in the age of the gods."Kannondo Hall・Monjudo Hall"An easy delivery / studieshave divine favor!