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Miyajima Ropeway  Mt.Misen Summit.Map


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Miyajima Ropeway Mt.Misen Summit.Map

KLMt. Misen SummitMt. Misen ObservatoryFudo-iwaKuguri-iwaKannondo HallMonjudo HallSankido HallKanman-iwaKaisen-iwaFuna-iwaDainichido HallMisenhondo Hall・Reikado HallMisen Primeval Forest StelaShishiiwa ObservatoryShishiiwa Station□Check your clothes!Are they suitable for your activities?Recommend layered clothes and sneakersbecause the weather is changeable on the mountain.□Be careful of walking onthe mountain trail!Mind your step on a slippery rainy day!Please be careful about a mamushi and bees.The request of Mt. Misen summit walk□Preserve natural environments!Clean up the place before you leave! Takeyour garbage home with you! Pleaserefrain from collection and the carry-on ofthe plant to keep eco-system.!!!Shakujo-no-ume・Kiezu-no-hiMisen's Seven wondersMisen's Seven wondersOpening HoursMt. Misen Observatory 10:00~16:009:00~17:00Misenhondo HallReikado HallSankido Hall〈Explanatory Notes〉Snack Rest room ViewBasic CourseStrange rock"Kujira-iwa(Whale Rock)"A whale on the mountaintop?A rock shaped like a whale comes intosight abruptly on your way to the summit.It has a spouting hole on the top.Strange rock "Funa-iwa(Ship Rock)"Large Rock Ship!Big rock to have shape of boat with "Kanmaniwa" below soon.Under the rocks, guardian deity of children are enshrined.NMarvelous views created by naturefrom time immemorialStrange rock "Kuguri-iwa(Duck-under Rock)"A strange scene staged by gigantic rocksA spontaneous arch made of gigantic rocks near the MisenObservatory. It dazzles viewers by its overwhelmingly dynamic scale.WonderofNatureStrange rock(Scabies Rock)"Marvelous ef fect onpatients!? Mysterious Rock!It is said that an imprudent personcatches a skin disease when he passesthe rock, and that the scabies patient iscured when he touches the rockbecause it takes his disease of f."Kaisen-iwaMFrom Miyajima Ropeway ShishiiwaStation to Mt. Misen summit,it is the standard course of comingand going.You can enjoy the highlightsof Mt. Misen summit walked through.Standard CourseTime requiredapproximatelyone hourADJKBCLGHFGumonjido Hall・Gyojado HallMNLover'ssanctuary the "Reikado Hall"DOWNUPDOWNUPDOWNDOWNDOWNDOWNUPUPDOWNDOWNUPSatellite of Lover's sanctuary(Fire of Oath)DOWNMisenhondo Hallabout10minutes⇔Nioumon-ato:Misenhondo Hall・Reikado Hallabout10minutes⇔Mt. Misen Summit( via Sankido Hall):Sankido HallKannondoH・all MonjudoHallMisen PrimevalForest StelaAkaido HallMisenhondo Hall/Munemori’s Temple Bell(Bonsho)ShishiiwaObservatory(Altitude: 430m)Miyamajinja ShrineMizu-kake JizoDainichido HallFuna-iwa(Ship Rock)Kaisen-iwa(Scabies Rock)Kujira-iwa(Whale Rock)NioumonFudo-iwa(Acala Rock)Kuguri-iwa(Duck-under Rock)The Mt. Misen Summit(Altitude: 535m)Mt. Misen ObservatoryMiyajima Ropeway(The funicular type)Shishiiwa Station(Terminus)Kanman-iwa(Ebb-and-f low rock)Misen's Seven wondersSound ofwooden clappersMisen's Seven wondersRyuto-no-sugi(Sea-fire japan cedar)Misen's Seven wondersIKiezu-no-hi(The eternal f lame)Misen's Seven wondersE*The cedar is dead and only thestump can be seen now.Shigure-zakura(Showered cherry blossoms)Misen's Seven wonders*Can't see the tree now becauseit has been dead.Shakujo-no-Ume(Plum of crosier)Misen's Seven wonders*At present, you can't enterthe area of Mandara-iwa.Mandara-iwarockMisen's Seven wondersMisenhondo Hall・Reikado HallMt. Misen Summit (via Dainichido Hall):about10minutes⇔Misen Primeval Forest Stelaabout13minutes⇔Shishiiwa Stationabout7minutes⇔Misenhondo Hall・Reikado Hall:Misen Primeval Forest Stela:ToDaishoinTempleabout60minuteswhengoing downTo Omoto Park about 90minuteswhen going down To Okunoin Temple about 30minutesToMomijidaniParkabout50minuteswhengoing downfromMisen PrimevalForest Stela.