Monuments & legends

Several strange legends remain around Mount Misen

The eternal fire

Miraculous fire burning for over 1200 years

This fire, said to have been lit by the Buddhist monk Kukai (774-835), during his retreat on Mount Misen, has continued to burn for more than 1,200 years inside the Reikado Pavilion. Legend says that water boiled on this fire cures all illnesses. Fire was also used to light the “Peace Flame” in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

Visit Mount Misen in Miyajima as a couple
and strengthen your love!

The pavilion which houses a “sacred eternal fire”, burning for over 1200 years, is said to bring even more happiness to the lovers who visit it and has been designated as a “lovers’ sanctuary”.

  • The Misen Hondo Pavilion
    Pavilion established at the place of asceticism of the Buddhist monk Kukai, Kobo Daishi
    The Buddhist monk Kukai (774-835), passing through Miyajima, while looking for a place of worship after his return from Tang China, had this pavilion built there in which he carried out a 100-day asceticism. The pavilion houses the Buddhist deity Kokuzo-Bosatsu with the guardian deities Fudomyo-o and Bishamon-ten at his side.
  • The Sankido Pavilion
    Family Protection – Business Prosperity
    This pavilion is unusual in that it is dedicated to a demon. Visitors come to seek protection for their families or prosperity for their businesses.
  • Miyama Shrine
    It is a sanctuary literally perched in the sky!
    A legend says that Miyamajinja Shrine was built as the back pavilion (Oku-no-miya) when Taira-no-Kiyomori built the main shrine of Itsukushima Shrine. The same deities are honored there as at Itsukushima-jinja shrine.