Wonder of nature

Awesome scenery created by nature

The “Kuguri-iwa”

Gigantic rocks, create astonishing scenery
The rocks, by the Mt. Misen Observatory, create a natural arch.
Its dynamic scale overwhelms visitors.

01Kujira-iwa(Whale Rock)

A whale on the mountaintop?
A rock shaped like a whale comes into sight abruptly on your way to the summit. It has a spouting hole on the top.

02Funa-iwa(Ship Rock)

Large Rock Ship!
Big rock to have shape of boat with “Kanmaniwa” below soon.
Under the rocks, guardian deity of children are enshrined.

03Kaisen-iwa(Scabies Rock)

Marvelous effect on patients!? Mysterious Rock!
It is said that an imprudent person catches a skin disease when he passes the rock, and that the scabies patient is cured when he touches the rock because it takes his disease off.

04Kanman-iwa(Ebb-and-flow rock)

Mysterious ebb and flow appearing on a mountaintop
The hollow of this strange rock sitting 500 meters above the sea is said to change its water level according to the come and go of the tied. It is one of the seven wonders of Misen.

05Misen Primeval Forest

The natural environment has been kept intact which creates magnificent scenery. Among the natural beauty, there are scattered strange rocks in addition to a variety of historical sites. In 1996, it was designated a World Cultural Heritage site as “Misen Virgin Forest together with Itsukushimajinja Shrine